June 14, 2016

At Nathaniel Group, we design and manufacture optical and illumination systems that minimize environmental impact, as well as deliver superior performance for our medical and scientific customers.

For many years, we’ve also been working diligently to make sure our own operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible. These internal efforts recently were recognized when the State of Vermont designated Nathaniel Group as a “Vermont Green Business”.

As a Vermont Green Business, we were recognized for using advanced resource conservation strategies to deliver environmental sustainability benefits that do more than just meet compliance requirements. The award was based in large part on a major energy conservation strategy that reduced our energy consumption by 47 percent. To accomplish this, we installed a new high efficiency HVAC system, delamped many of our fluorescent fixtures, installed motion sensor light switches, and replaced our exterior lighting with LED fixtures.

In some respects, protecting the environment is a lot like designing and building advanced systems for the medical and scientific industries. Both efforts require the ability to approach a technical and business challenge with imagination, creativity and a commitment to deliver a superior solution.

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