May 25, 2016

Medtec Europe 2016

The Nathaniel Group booth at the Medtec Europe show in Stuttgart April 12-14 attracted a lot of interest from attendees eager to learn more about the Hyperion laser light source and flexible single-use, steerable catheters.  In our meetings with company representatives from Germany, Ireland, Taiwan, Turkey and other countries, we were able to explain and demonstrate the benefits of the 250 micron fiber optic bundle in a 2-3mm video endoscope system.   The ultra-small size is needed to compensate for the lack of area on the distal tip for a camera, working channel and illumination in a 3mm model.

We also demonstrated our LED light sources.  Our booth featured a 3D endoscope that’s part of a strategic partnership in Germany.  This system uses our LED light source, delivering illumination via a 5mm Storz style fiber optic cable.  The monitor uses circular polarization, which allows a high degree of movement when viewing the monitor with 3D passive glasses.

We signed up to exhibit at Medtec 2017 as the show was a success for us.  Next year the Halls will be switched around and we will be in Hall 1 versus Hall 3. We look forward to seeing you there.

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