May 31, 2016

AIA Vision Show

At the recent AIA Vision Show in Boston we unveiled two new products, the SugarCUBE 2.0 and the MicroCUBE.  These products are the newest additions to the SugarCUBE family of ultra-high power LED illuminators.  The new models excel in large fiber bundles (8+mm) while offering a smaller form factor and reduced cost.  Additionally, the MicroCUBE is built for a rugged industrial environment and boasts versatile mounting options.  Both products feature brand new pulse functionality that is sure to draw attention due to industry leading rise times, which enable precise control of pulse widths.  This functionality provides added versatility for machine vision applications requiring short exposure times.

The show was an excellent opportunity to gauge interest in these new additions, while further exploring the machine vision market for our flagship products. The Hyperion 200LV and its 1.9mm Videoscope received attention due to the relatively high resolution and small size of the scope compared to traditional fiberscopes. 

The SugarCUBE Ultra attracted interest in microscopy applications as well as high-speed imaging. The unique flicker-free performance of the SugarCUBE Ultra for high-speed imaging applications was on display at the show, thanks to Tech Imaging Services, who provided live demonstrations with their Photron camera.  The pairing of a Photron camera and SugarCUBE Ultra has shown flicker-free performance up to 750,000 frames per second.

This show was an ideal opportunity for us to branch out from the medical world and we were fortunate to make contact with many new companies.  Thank you to all who visited the booth, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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