March 4, 2016

New Communication Protocol Enhances Versatility of Hyperion Illumination Products

 We’ve just introduced a new robust packet communication protocol for our line of Hyperion illumination products that will strengthen the ability of clients to integrate and control the Hyperion via machine-to-machine communications.

The new protocol, which improves both the light source and video system interfaces, has been developed to meet critical medical standards so companies can more easily achieve a reliable and predictable PEMS (programmable electronic medical system).

Although the communication pipelines used on the product line are very reliable, implementing the packet protocol helps the user virtually eliminate the risk of framing errors and miscommunication resulting in unsafe conditions.  The new protocol uses concepts such as start and stop bits, communication length, escape sequencing, as well as error detection bytes, in order to meet high medical industry standards for quality and reliability.

The protocol allows for light intensity adjustment, color customization and access to safety features on the light source and control of all the video system menu options including video settings, exposure and gain control, as well as a variety of other features. For more information, please contact us.

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