December 21, 2015

Hyperion 200(L)(LV) User Interface Simplified

We have recently taken some important steps to simplify the Hyperion 200(L)(LV) user experience. By performing a thorough review of the laser safety requirements set forth by IEC 60825-1, we were able to certify the Hyperion 200(L)(LV) with a Class 3R laser safety rating. Based on this initiative, we determined that the Emergency Off and Key Switch were no longer required for the safe operation of the illuminators.

This has simplified the user experience by eliminating the need to arm the laser with the Key Switch prior to turning on the light.  The initialization requirement to achieve light output by first setting the intensity knob to “0” and then ramping up still ensures that the unit will never turn on in an unsafe condition.   Thus we have maintained the safe operation of the illuminator while simplifying the user experience.

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