December 22, 2014

Announcing the SugarCUBE Ultra

Nathaniel Group is pleased to announce the release of our newest SugarCUBE LED light source – the Ultra.

After learning about the obsolescence of a critical part in the SugarCUBE Quad, the design team set off to design a new and improved top of the line LED fiber optic illuminator. That replacement, now known as the SugarCUBE Ultra, boasts higher performance levels than were previously achievable with smaller (<0.5ӯ) light guides while maintaining our high standards with large (>0.5ӯ) light guides.

As shown in the chart below, we have demonstrated 764% improvement in light output when coupling into a 3mm Liquid Light Guide (LLG) and a 264% improvement in light output with a 5mm LLG. This improvement is a response to a request we often receive: “How can we get even more light into 3 and 5mm LLG light bundles?”

With the addition of the SugarCUBE Ultra we are proud to deliver state of the art performance with the same reliability and stability our customers have come to expect from the SugarCUBE LED product line.  

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