May 20, 2014

How Does the SugarCUBE Accommodate 95% of all Available LEDs?

High Intensity LED Fiber Optic Illumination

With a platform that is able to accommodate many different LED physical sizes, and LED electronic drive circuitry that is software programmable; that’s how. These two aspects allow for customization of the SugarCUBE to fit 95% of all LEDs available. Therefore, if a customer needs a specific wavelength or even has a specific LED that they want packaged in a finished product like the SugarCUBE, we can deliver the solution.

Over the last few years Nathaniel Group has received numerous requests for SugarCUBE LED illuminators with a very specific wavelength. Based on the increasing demand for products that meet a customer’s precise requirements, we have initiated a program to provide custom feature SugarCUBEs to meet those needs whenever possible.   

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