February 18, 2014

SPIE Photonics West - The Top 4 Product Demonstrations

There was a lot going on at SPIE’s Photonics West earlier this month.

Nathaniel Group shared a booth with
Awaiba Video Sensors, as we did at the MEDICA trade fair this past fall. With a constant stream of people coming through the booth, our product demonstrations had very little down time.

These are some of the most impressive product demonstrations I experienced, both at our booth and around the show:

The Hyperion 300™ – This product was involved in multiple demonstrations each day and earned a lot of positive feedback.
Awaiba’s new 3D sensor – The sensor’s extraordinary small size (1mm) impressed many visitors at the Awaiba booth.
3. An “active lens” – This is a coating on the lens that enables the user to make adjustments without any moving parts.
4. Heat sync with integrated heat pipe – This product has the potential to even further miniaturize laser-based medical devices with its heat dissipating technology.

Although I didn’t capture the product or company names from some of these amazing product demonstrations, it was energizing to see the amazing potential for small fiber illumination.     

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