January 28, 2014

Introducing a High-Powered Light Source and Integrated Video Processor with a Smaller, Lower-Cost Image Sensor

Nathaniel Group brings together the low cost and small size of the Awaiba image sensor with the advanced capabilities of the Hyperion 300™. We recently engineered an integrated unit that combines our leading-edge illumination system and a specialized video processor with an Awaiba sensor. It offers an ideal example of how a customized application can optimize connectivity, efficiency, and user features.

The newly integrated product offers 4 distinct advantages over the current technology:
1. It produces a sharper image
2. It sheds more light on the subject
3. It is easier to use
4. It costs less

Awaiba designs and produces state-of-the-art image sensors that require computerized video processing. Their sensor’s revolutionary small size and low cost make it suitable for single-use applications and minimally invasive medical procedures. Its integration with the Hyperion light source and the superior video processor engineered by Nathaniel Group maximizes the image quality potential of these powerful technologies.

By integrating the processor with the light source in a single electronic console, we can substantially reduce system wiring and minimize installation space. We were also able to eliminate redundant parts – for example, using only one power supply and chassis, rather than two – thereby keeping the cost much lower than that of two separate components.

This integrated product has been thoughtfully engineered for both usability and quality of results. It replaces two stand-alone systems with a single unit, letting operators spend less time in training. For ease of use, we also created a simple on-screen menu system designed to be similar to those on home televisions or monitors. A full array of image processing features, using superior filtering and exposure algorithms maximizes the final output.

As shown in the diagram above, the Hyperion’s small number of optical fibers are able to pack closely into the sensor body, maintaining all the advantages of the sensor’s small size. This custom project demonstrates the power and versatility of the Hyperion platform. To learn more, download our white paper with more details, or contact us to discuss our custom engineering options.

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