December 5, 2013

ISO 13485 Certification Achieved - Bring Us Your Most Challenging Medical Projects

Nathaniel Group has always been ready to take on your most technically demanding medical device projects. Now ISO 13485 certified, Nathaniel’s design and quality standards are among the top in the medical device manufacturing industry. This rigorous industry standard sets out requirements for comprehensive quality management systems. Its exacting certification process means we’re prepared for projects that demand the highest level of quality.

What does our certification mean for you?
  • An assurance of quality:  First and foremost, you can trust that our design and manufacturing processes are ready to meet even more stringent requirements than before, with safety and consistency as our top priorities.
  • Cost management:  The continual improvement associated with our quality management system maximizes efficiency, helping us to stay cost-effective.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements:  Our medical device projects will consistently meet regulatory requirements, along with your expectations.
This certification is another step in our on-going commitment to bringing you the highest quality results. To learn more about all we do to ensure the best practices in design and manufacturing, check out Always Improving: The Nathaniel Process.

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