December 16, 2013

Exciting Times at MEDICA

The MEDICA trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany is always a great opportunity to meet people and see the latest devices and technology in the medical field. This year Nathaniel Group enjoyed sharing a booth with nine other New England companies, giving us the chance to demo our products, exchange ideas, network, and share our pride in New England manufacturing.

Some of the MEDICA exhibits featured leading-edge technologies like:
Hyperion and Awaiba integration Our single-use video scope, integrating a Hyperion 300™ light source with a 1mm Awaiba sensor and a specialized video processor, was on display in the Awaiba booth. Representatives of a top European medical endoscopy company noted its outstanding performance and powerful lighting and processing capabilities. Both Nathaniel Group and Awaiba were excited by the response to this very effective collaboration.
Awaiba 3D image sensor By combining two 1mm NanEye sensors with a single 4-wire interface, Awaiba has produced a 3D sensor that’s very small and, due to its wafer-level alignment, should be very accurate as well.

40,000-fiber, sub-millimeter scope
Blazejewski Medi-Tech produced an interesting image fiber scope, which – even at a size under 1mm – still has 40,000 sampling points.
Omnivision 6930-based cameras Manufacturers are mating these image sensors with high-quality endoscopic optics, which we expect will produce great image quality.

Micro-endoscopic and single-use systems are clearly an area of innovation, and Nathaniel is excited to play our part. In January we’ll be making a follow-up trip to Germany and Israel to explore more ideas on video processing and sub-millimeter lighting.      

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