December 4, 2012

Nathaniel Group, Inc. Earns “100% Supplier Rating” for Fourth Year

Nathaniel Group, Inc. (NGI), a leading New England contract designer and manufacturer, celebrates a quality milestone with the receipt of a “100% Supplier Rating” from a well known medical company. This medical company acknowledges their key suppliers for achieving the highest levels of performance across a broad range of measurements including on-time delivery, special services such as rush and change orders, and the quality of products shipped. This grading period marks the fourth consecutive year that Nathaniel Group, Inc. has achieved this recognition.

"It is an honor to receive this rating from one of our medical contract manufacturing customers." stated Joel Melnick, Nathaniel Group's chief executive officer. "We value all of our customers and have established systems to meet, and often exceed, their expectations. In addition, we work hard to engage all our employees in our quality system by following a “Great Game of Business” approach and it shows in our results. This acknowledgment of our capabilities has special meaning coming from one of our medical customers. It is difficult to consistently achieve such high marks for standard products but achieving them for medical products really shows the robustness of our organization and our “make it in Vermont” approach.

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