October 5, 2012

Nathaniel Group introduces new SugarCUBE(TM) LITE

The SugarCUBE™ LITE leverages the well known SugarCUBE LED platform to achieve an important benchmark in low cost, high lumen output. The high power illumination product is targeted at machine vision, research, nano material study and manipulation, and microscope illumination. The SugarCUBE LITE pushes the boundary for powerful LED illumination at a consumer friendly price point. The SugarCUBE LITE is a bright white source and can be integrated into scientific equipment using standard fiber optic bundles and features front panel and remote operation, remote triggering and remote control functions. The outstanding performance at aggressive pricing makes this LED source stand out as a ‘bad boy’ in the marketplace. For more information contact 802-877-2182 x106 or sales@nathaniel.com.

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