November 23, 2016

BioPhotonics Magazine publishes article about Hyperion used in Early Cancer Detection

The BioPhotonics Sourcebook recently published “Laser Light Endoscopy Aids Early Cancer Detection,” an article that explains the benefits of advanced laser light sources in endoscopes used for cancer diagnostics procedures. The article in the November/December 2016 issue describes how the Nathaniel Group Hyperion light source, and the ability to select multiple discrete wavelengths, allows for early cancer detection.

The Hyperion light source, through an endoscope under 2mm in size, provides enough light to permit cancer detection at a very early stage before it metastasizes. Early detection greatly increases the prognosis of the cancer treatment.

You can read the article here:

 For more information about the Hyperion please contact us at

October 7, 2016

Nathaniel Group to Launch New LED Illuminator Designed for Larger Light Guides

In the coming weeks, we will launch MicroCUBE, a powerful new LED illuminator designed to excel in applications requiring larger light guides. Measuring only 4.2 x 4.2 x 5.9”, this compact product emits an impressive 1,100 lumens from a 13mm Ø light guide while maintaining flicker-free performance. MicroCUBE also features an industry-leading strobe circuit, and two straight M4 rails per side for easy mounting. Please refer to our MicroCUBE datasheet for more technical details.

MicroCUBE will complement our SugarCUBE Ultra illuminator, which has gained a large following for its ability to couple large amounts of light into small light guides.

The chart below shows a comparison of Nathaniel Group’s illuminators and their ideal light guide diameters.

To discuss how MicroCUBE or another Nathaniel Group product can solve your illumination challenges, please contact us at

September 30, 2016

Upcoming Trade Shows

Nathaniel Group will be exhibiting at the Vision 2016 and MEDICA 2016 trade shows.  The Messe Stuttgart based Vision show, which is held every two years, is the important machine vision trade fair and the very latest technology is exhibited.  MEDICA, held the following week in Dusseldorf, is an enormous international gathering of medical companies.

We will have a booth at both of these shows.  We can be found at Hall 1, Booth H10 for the Vision Show 2016. We will be at Hall 08A, stand 8AR32 in the COMPAMED area of MEDICA 2016.  If you are attending either show I would love to show you our newest products.  I will have the new MicroCUBE machine vision LED illuminator, as well as the StrobeCUBE and the SugarCUBE Ultra at the Vision Show.  We have several new concepts to discuss at Medica.  Our future plans include technology related to the MediCUBE LED light source and single–use video endoscopes including steerable and 1.5mm models.

If you would like to see a demo of any of our products please email me to reserve a time to meet. 

September 1, 2016

Nathaniel Group to Host Event to Promote Social Responsibility in Business

The Nathanial Group will host an evening of networking and education in partnership with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility on Wednesday, September 7 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The event will feature a program focused on how organizations can reduce energy consumption and engage  employees in a long-term commitment to helping operate a socially responsible business.

To be held at our headquarters, 101 Panton Road, Vergennes, VT, the event will feature tours of facilities where we design and manufacture optical and illumination systems that lead the medical and scientific device industry in performance and environmental stewardship. We will be showing attendees how we design and manufacture devices that use LED and laser light sources to significantly reduce energy and waste while increasing the performance of endoscopes, and other medical and scientific devices.

The event is free and open to the public. Hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Click here to register.

Click here for directions to our offices.

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility is the oldest and largest regional business association in the country dedicated to sustainability and social responsibly.  The 740 VBSR members subscribe to the belief that business cannot be truly sustainable unless employees, the community, and the environment are valued as much as profit is valued. For more information, visit:

Nathaniel Group has been an active member of VBSR since 2002 and has been committed to operating a socially responsible business since the company was founded in 1984.

June 14, 2016

At Nathaniel Group, we design and manufacture optical and illumination systems that minimize environmental impact, as well as deliver superior performance for our medical and scientific customers.

For many years, we’ve also been working diligently to make sure our own operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible. These internal efforts recently were recognized when the State of Vermont designated Nathaniel Group as a “Vermont Green Business”.

As a Vermont Green Business, we were recognized for using advanced resource conservation strategies to deliver environmental sustainability benefits that do more than just meet compliance requirements. The award was based in large part on a major energy conservation strategy that reduced our energy consumption by 47 percent. To accomplish this, we installed a new high efficiency HVAC system, delamped many of our fluorescent fixtures, installed motion sensor light switches, and replaced our exterior lighting with LED fixtures.

In some respects, protecting the environment is a lot like designing and building advanced systems for the medical and scientific industries. Both efforts require the ability to approach a technical and business challenge with imagination, creativity and a commitment to deliver a superior solution.

May 31, 2016

AIA Vision Show

At the recent AIA Vision Show in Boston we unveiled two new products, the SugarCUBE 2.0 and the MicroCUBE.  These products are the newest additions to the SugarCUBE family of ultra-high power LED illuminators.  The new models excel in large fiber bundles (8+mm) while offering a smaller form factor and reduced cost.  Additionally, the MicroCUBE is built for a rugged industrial environment and boasts versatile mounting options.  Both products feature brand new pulse functionality that is sure to draw attention due to industry leading rise times, which enable precise control of pulse widths.  This functionality provides added versatility for machine vision applications requiring short exposure times.

The show was an excellent opportunity to gauge interest in these new additions, while further exploring the machine vision market for our flagship products. The Hyperion 200LV and its 1.9mm Videoscope received attention due to the relatively high resolution and small size of the scope compared to traditional fiberscopes. 

The SugarCUBE Ultra attracted interest in microscopy applications as well as high-speed imaging. The unique flicker-free performance of the SugarCUBE Ultra for high-speed imaging applications was on display at the show, thanks to Tech Imaging Services, who provided live demonstrations with their Photron camera.  The pairing of a Photron camera and SugarCUBE Ultra has shown flicker-free performance up to 750,000 frames per second.

This show was an ideal opportunity for us to branch out from the medical world and we were fortunate to make contact with many new companies.  Thank you to all who visited the booth, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

May 25, 2016

Medtec Europe 2016

The Nathaniel Group booth at the Medtec Europe show in Stuttgart April 12-14 attracted a lot of interest from attendees eager to learn more about the Hyperion laser light source and flexible single-use, steerable catheters.  In our meetings with company representatives from Germany, Ireland, Taiwan, Turkey and other countries, we were able to explain and demonstrate the benefits of the 250 micron fiber optic bundle in a 2-3mm video endoscope system.   The ultra-small size is needed to compensate for the lack of area on the distal tip for a camera, working channel and illumination in a 3mm model.

We also demonstrated our LED light sources.  Our booth featured a 3D endoscope that’s part of a strategic partnership in Germany.  This system uses our LED light source, delivering illumination via a 5mm Storz style fiber optic cable.  The monitor uses circular polarization, which allows a high degree of movement when viewing the monitor with 3D passive glasses.

We signed up to exhibit at Medtec 2017 as the show was a success for us.  Next year the Halls will be switched around and we will be in Hall 1 versus Hall 3. We look forward to seeing you there.